Holly mangrove

Holly mangrove is distributed from India to Malaysia, Philippines, northern Australia, and South Africa.

Same as Black mangrove, which grows more than 10m in height, this plant grows in muddy stream area of mangrove.   However, it is a shrubby herb that grows in the undergrowth of mangroves to be up to about two meters.   It is the dominant species after mangrove forest disappeares.

This tree has two kinds of leaves; the leaf at its lower part is oblong-ellipsoid* with pointed apex and the leaf at its upper part resembles Christmas holly and has sharp spines.

From January to May, light purple or white flowers bloom at the spike at the tip of the branch.

* elongate ellipsoid

Classification: Acanthaceae Acanthus
Scientific name: Acanthus ilicifolius
Japanese name: Mizuhiiragi
English Name: Holly mangrove
Native locality: ---
Ecological description: Evergreen shrub
RDB : ---
Planting place: Aquatic Plant Greenhouse (in the channel)
acanthus-ilicifolius acanthus-ilicifolius02