Dorstenia elata

This plant extends the flower stem where the flowers bloom however the appearance of each flower is far different from the ordinal concept of flower like being beautiful or fragrant.   The flower is especially inconspicuous and small flowers with no petals are closely arranged like dots on the deformed disk (the receptacle).

This plant expands large glossy dark green leaves and is appreciated as a foliage plant.   The unique appearance of the flowers is sometimes also appreciated.

There are white seeds which are smaller than sesame seeds below white hairs on the receptacle.   When the seeds ripen, they fly off even with just a small stimulation to propagate easily.

Classification: Moraceae Dorstenia
Scientific name: Dorstenia elata
Japanese name: ---
English Name: ---
Native locality: Brazil
Ecological description: Perennial
RDB : ---
Planting place: Aquatic Plant Greenhouse (in the channel)
Dorstenia elata01 Dorstenia elata02
Dorstenia elata03 Dorstenia elata04