Sagaribana is distributed to tropical and subtropical marsh areas from Southeast Asia to pacific islands.   In Japan, it grows naturally in Nansei Islands as far north as Amami-Oshima.   In Okinawa prefecture, early-morning tours for Sagaribana are offered.

This plant is one of constituting species of mangrove forest and grows in the most upstream of the mangrove forest and marsh areas along rivers.   The fruit has the size like a chicken egg, is angulated long oval, has light and fibrous skin and is easily distributed by water flow.   This fruit contains the saponin, varrigenin and shows toxicity on fish.

This plant is a tree growing more than five meters in height which develops oblong elliptical leaf becoming more than 20cm in length.

Sagaribana droops raceme of 30 to 50cm in length where 15 to 20 flowers bloom.   The name, Sagaribana meaning drooping flowers, comes from this appearance.   The flower is white, four-petaled, blooms sidewards and is about three centimeters in diameter.   In the Aquatic Plant Greenhouse, there is also Fish poison tree (Barringtonia asiatica) belonging to the same genus, Barringtonia, and its flower blooms upwards.   Sagaribana blooms only for one night, becomes in full bloom at around nine o'clock to release a good fragrance and its petals and stamens collapse instantaneously in the next morning.

In Higashiyama Botanical Garden, the Sagaribana planted in the ground bloomed on 18 May 2015 for the first time since it was planted, the one planted in a flowerpot bloomed on 23 May 2015.   This plant normally blooms sequentially from the base of the stem, but both of two stocks there bloomed in a random order.

The flowers of Sagaribana bloom in marsh area as drooping like Japanese wisteria.   Therefore, it has another name, Sawafuji, meaning Japanese wisteria at a stream.   It is also called Mokabana meaning flower of dancing scent.

Classification: Lecythidaceae Barringtonia
Scientific name: Barringtonia racemosa (L.) Spreng.
Japanese name: Sagaribana
English Name: ---
Native locality: ---
Ecological description: Evergreen tree
RDB : ---
Planting place: Aquatic Plant Greenhouse
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