Coral vine (white flower)
This plant is a creeper which has a tuberous root, and tendril that can expand more than 10 m in length.  The tuber is edible and can weigh up to a few kilograms.
It expands a flower stem to bear a raceme where many flowers bloom.  The flower has no petals but 5 sepals whose insides are pink and are kept until its fructification.  Its English names, Coral vine coming from its flower color, and Chan of love probably comes from its heart-shaped leaves.
Classification: Polygonaceae Antigonon
Scientific name: Antigonon leptopus cv. Album
Japanese name: Asahikazura
English Name: Coral vine
Native locality: Mexco
Ecological description: Chlimbing subshrub
RDB : ---
Planting place: East Flowers and Ornamental Plants Greenhouse
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