Chain of Hearts
This plant is a climbing succulent.  Its vine can grow 2 to 5 cm in height and 2 to 4 m in length.  When planted in a hanging basket, it will hang down with its opposite leaves which are smaller than 2 cm in length and width and attaches regular intervals.  Two to three cm in length of small flowers bloom in the intervals.  The leaf is succulent and heart-shaped, and its underside is light red-purple.  It secretes sap from a cut end of the stem and the leaf.
It sometimes produces a small round lump, a small tuber at its nodes of the long stem.  It stores nourishment to break away from a vine to propagate itself.
Classification: Asclepiadaceae Ceropegia
Scientific name: Ceropegia woodii cv. 'Lady Heart'
Japanese name: Hato-kazura
English Name: Chain of Hearts
Native locality: South Africa
Ecological description: Evergreen creepng perennial
RDB : ---
Planting place: East Flowers and Ornamental Plants Greenhouse
hato-kazura01 hato-kazura02
hato-kazura03 hato-kazura04
hato-kazura05 hato-kazura06