Trailing Lantana
This plant is a relative of Lantana. It has small leaves which are 2 to 3 cm in length, so it is called Kobano-rantana (meaning Lantana having small leaves) in its Japanese name.  It is a creeping, climbing plant and extends well.  The flower is rather similar to Lantanas, but it is a little smaller and the color is light magenta.  A white-flowered species also exists.  Lantana changes the color of its flower from yellow to red from outside to inside sequentially, so it is also called Hichihenge (meaning Various Changes).  However, Trailing lantana does not change its color.
Classification: Verbenaceae Lantana
Scientific name: Lantana montevidensis
Japanese name: Kobano-rantana
English Name: Trailing lantana, Weeping lantana
Native locality: the South America
Ecological description: Evergreen creeping shrub (non-hardy)
RDB : ---
Planting place: East Flowers and Ornamental Plants Greenhouse
kobano-rantana01 kobano-rantana02
kobano-rantana031 kobano-rantana04