Aeschynanthus acuminatus
This plant is an epiphyte which grows on trunks or rocks.  The leaf is succulent and opposite.  It is oval and entire and has a sharply pointed end.  The leaf stem has a groove on the top side, and its under side is tinged with white.  This plant forms a corymb at the axil and blooms flowers of about 2 cm in length sequentially.  The corolla is bell-shaped and has a bifid upper lip and a trifid lower lip.  The fruit is a capsule which is a long thin cylindrical shape with a pointed end, and can be about 15 cm in length.  When it ripens and dries, it splits from the base to release many small seeds which have bunches of long hair at both end.
Nishi-omote Island is the northern limit of its distribution and is the only place of its growth.  Originally the natural habitat is very limited and the number of stocks is few.  It is listed as Critically Endangered in the Red Data Book of Japan and of Okinawa prefecture.
Classification Gesneriaceae Aeschynanthus
Scientific name Aeschynanthus acuminatus
Japanese name Minaga-kazura
English name ---
Native locality ---
Ecological description Perennial climbing plant
RDB Critical Endangered (Ministry of the Environment Government of Japan, and Nature Conservation Division Okinawa Prefecture)
Planting place Fern Greenhouse
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aeschynanthus-acuminatus03 aeschynanthus-acuminatus04