Common Tassel Fern
This plant is a drooping epiphyte on trunks and can grow 40 to 100 cm in length.  The stems branch at their base to grow in clumps.  Its strobilus is in the form of long strings and is 4 to 10 cm in length.  Strobili is formed at the tip of the stem and branch off.  The drooping strobilus is compared with the yoraku hence the Japanese name, Yoraku-hiba.  Yoraku is an accessory for a man or woman in high society in India and is a string of pearls or precious metals.  It also refers to the ornaments or the canopy for Buddhist statues.  Yoraku is a translation of the Sanskrit, mukta-ha-ra (meaning pearl necklace) and keyu-ra (meaning bracelet).
Nankakuran (Lycopodium hamiltonii Spring) is also an epiphyte and resembles the Common Tassel Fern.  However, the strobili form at the tip of the stem but do not branch off repeatedly like Common Tassel Fern and are inconspicuous.
Classification Lycopodiaceae Lycopodium
Scientific name Lycopodium phlegmaria L.
Japanese name Yoraku-hiba
English name Common Tassel Fern
Native locality Tropical and sub-tropical regions in the Old World
Ecological description Evergreen fern
RDB Critically Endangered (Ministry of the Environment)
Planting place Fern Greenhouse
yoraku-hiba01 yoraku-hiba02