New Guinea Creeper
The vine can grow more than 20 m in length, hangs a raceme at the axil from mid-December to January, and a few dozen flowers like parrot's beak bloom on it.  It is orange-red from its bud stage, however when it opens, the orange-red color suggestive of a flame creates better contrast with the surrounding green.  In 1983 in Higashiyama Botanical Garden this plant bloomed for the first time in Japan.
From the spring to the early summer in the Central Palm Greenhouse and East Flowers and Ornamental Plants Greenhouse Jade Vine whose flower has a similar appearance but has a contrasting cool jade color hangs racemes to bloom.
Classification: Fabaceae Mucuna
Scientific name: Mucuna bennettii F.J.Muell.
Japanese name: ---
English Name: New Guinea Creeper
Native locality: New Guinea
Ecological description: Evergreen climbing shrub
RDB : ---
Planting place: Hawaiian Greenhouse
mucuna-bennettii01 mucuna-bennettii02