Cat's Whiskers
This plant is a perennial widely distributed throughout Southeast Asia, but it is treated as an annual herb in Japan because of being non-hardy.
It can grow 50 to 100 cm, and the stamens and pistil which extend very long characterize its bloom which became the origin of its name.  There is a relative where light purple flowers bloom as well as white one.
Among Southeast Asia such as Indonesia and Malaysia, the leaves of this plant are widely used as an herbal medicine by the name of Kumis Kucing and is drunk as a tea for the kidney.  The name of this herbal medicine in Javanese is "Kumis Kucing" which means cat's whisker.  And also in Okinawa Region, it is drunk as a health tea for the kidney.  Kumis Kucing (Java tea leaf; Orthosiphonis folium) contains about 3 % of potassium salt, highly methoxylated flavones derivatives, and essential oil mainly containing sesquiterpenes and has the effects of not only water diuresis but also natriuresis.  It is thought that it is caused by the effects of potassium but the participation of the effect of other constituents is unclear.
Classification: Lamiaceae Orthosiphon
Scientific name: Orthosiphon aristatus
Japanese name: Nekonohige
English Name: Cat's Whiskers
Native locality: India , Malaysia
Ecological description: Annual
RDB : ---
Planting place: Hawaiian Greenhouse
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