Marattia sp.
Marattia sp. is a large evergreen fern which develops several bipinnate compound leaves from the tuberous subterranean stem.   The bipinnate compound leaf can be 1.5m in length where the leaf stem (petiole) has many protuberances but the small leaf stenm (petiolule) has no protuberances.   This plant forms synangiums on the underside of the leaflet.
The web page, "Kamu gallery" says this plant can be Marattia sambucina Blume (synonym of Ptisana sambucina (Blume) Murdock) while it is written "Marattia sp." on the plant label in Higashiyama Botanical Garden.   (
This plant was displayed as a potted plant at the corner of insectivorous plants before however now it is planted directly in planting area in the Hawaiian Greenhouse because of the renovation of the front raw of the greenhouses.
Classification: Marattiaceae Marattia
Scientific name: Marattia sp.
Japanese name: ---
English Name: ---
Native locality: ---
Ecological description: Large evergreen fern
RDB : ---
Planting place: Hawaiian Greenhouse
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