Turnera ulmifolia
This plant can grow 30 to 120 cm in height.  It blooms for one day and the bloom closes in the early afternoon, however it blooms sequentially at its axil.  It is endemic to the West Indies, but now is naturalized in tropical areas.
The genus Turnera also contains T. trioniflora, which is a perennial grass and whose bloom is white and gradually changes its color into brilliant yellow through the base of the bloom and has a dark brown eye at the base of the flower.
Classification: Turneraceae Turnera
Scientific name: Turnera ulmifolia
Japanese name: ---
English Name: ---
Native locality: Mexco to the South America, the West Indies
Ecological description: Evergreen shrub
RDB : ---
Planting place: Hawaiian Greenhouse and Sun Gallery
turnera-ulmifolia01 turnera-ulmifolia02
turnera-ulmifolia03 turnera-ulmifolia04