Aechmea 'Foster's Favourite'

This plant is a cultivar of Aechmea racinae and Aechmea victoriana var. discolor produced in 1945 by Mulford Bateman Foster (1888 - 1978).   There are small amount of this plant on the market.   The leaf is dark purple with a green-tinged upper side, has small spines on their edges and forms an upright rosette.   The red spike has a long stem and droops, where the small dark magenta flowers blooms along.

Classification: Bromeliaceae Aechmea
Scientific name: Aechmea 'Foster's Favorite'
Japanese name: ---
English Name: ---
Native locality: ---
Ecological description: Evergreen perennial
RDB : ---
Planting place: South and Central America Greenhouse
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aechmea-fosters-favourite03 aechmea-fosters-favourite04
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