Agave grandidentata
The epithet, grandidentata, consist of the Latin words, grandi meaning large and dentate meaning toothed.  As indicated by its name, the succulent leaves, forming a large rosette, have a sharply pointed tip and large spines (teeth) at their periphery.  The spines are long and curved, and there are also forked spines.  The edge of the leaf as well as the spines is initially reddish brown and then ash brown.
The flower stalk, called a mast, extends from the center of the rosette, and many short-cylindrical flowers bloom sequentially from the base upwards.  The Agaves, with a few exceptions, are a monocarpic plant and die after blooming.
Classification: Agavaceae Agave
Scientific name: Agave grandidentata
Japanese name: ---
English Name: ---
Native locality: Mexico
Ecological description: ---
RDB : ---
Planting place: Plant of South and Central America Greenhouse
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