Denmoza rhodacantha
D. rhodacantha is a columnar cactus endemic to Argentina which grows slowly.  At the beginning, it is a barrel cactus, but later it grows into a columnar cactus and grows to about human height.  The column is light green to dark green, and can be 15 to 30 cm in diameter.  The ribs are about 1 cm in height and run straight down in parallel with slight waves.  Initially, the areoles are separate from one another, but later become close.  The flower also has areoles with bristles and spines on it.
The flower opens in the daytime, is bright scarlet, and can be a maximum of 7.5 cm in length.  The flower tube has white hairs, is bent a little, and covered with small scales.  The tube opens enough to project the red stigma, the red filaments and the anthers; the anthers project around 1 cm from the tube.
Classification: Cactaceae Denmoza
Scientific name: Denmoza rhodacantha
Japanese name: Akanemaru
English Name: ---
Native locality: Argentine
Ecological description: ---
RDB : ---
Planting place: Plant of South and Central America Greenhouse
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