Pereskia aculeata
This plant is erect at first, then becomes a scrambling vine and can grow about 10 m in length.  Resembling the other plants belonging to genus Pereskia, it is spiny but non-succulent, and has large leaves.  It is a variegated species of Barbados Gooseberry; the leaf contains less chlorophyll,  the color is widely varied, and it is a gorgeous foliage plant. The Japanese name, Biyo-mokukirin,  means Barbados gooseberry with beautiful leaves.
The flower is strongly scented with white, cream, or slightly pink-tinged blooms.  The berry is translucent white or slightly red tinged, 2cm in diameter, and has many small seeds.  Its appearance and scent resemble gooseberry, and it is edible.
Classification: Cactaceae Pereskia
Scientific name: Pereskia aculeata ver. 'Godseffiana'
Japanese name: Biyo-mokukirin
English Name: ---
Native locality: Tropical America
Ecological description: Scrambling shrub
RDB : ---
Planting place: Plant of South and Central America Greenhouse
biyo-mokukirin01 biyo-mokukirin02