Erythrorhipsalis pilocarpa
This plant is an epiphytic cactus belonging to the genus Erythrorhipsalis.   It is sometimes classified into the genus Rhipsalis.   'Erythro' in the genus name is derived from a Greek term, erythros, meaning red or red-tinged and 'rhipsalis' is derived from a Greek term meaning wickerwork.
This plant grows on a tree.  Cylindrical stems droop down, are 3 to 4cm in diameter and branches off.   The white flowers which are about 2cm in diameter bloom at the tip of the stem to release a nice scent.   In Japan, this plant is marketed as a garden plant with the name, Asanoshimo.
Classification: Cactaceae Erythrorhipsalis
Scientific name: Erythrorhipsalis pilocarpa
Japanese name: Asanoshimo (Garden name)
English Name: ---
Native locality: Brazil
Ecological description: ---
RDB : ---
Planting place: Plant of South and Central America Greenhouse
erythrorhipsalis-pilocarpa01 erythrorhipsalis-pilocarpa02