Monk's Hood
The genus name, Astrophytum consists of the Greek word aster meaning star and phytus meaning plant.  It has many white dots (short hairs) scatter on its deep green skin forming many lines and this characterises the plant.  There is a large individual difference in the pattern of white dots and it is worthy in horticulture when it has a beautiful pattern.  There is a relative called Ao-han'nya which has no white dots.
Astrophytum ornatum grows the largest in the genus Astrophytum.  It can grow more than 1 m in height and more than 30 cm in diameter.  Initially, it is spherical and become columnar after growth.
There are 5 to 11, usually 8, steep ribs which are curved spirally.
Astrophytum ornatum has areoles along the rib, covered in a wooly felt with one long central spine and 5 to 11 radial spines that project out.
The flower blooms at the top and opens around noon, closes in the evening and blooms for 2 to 3 days.
Classification: Cactaceae Astrophytum
Scientific name: Astrophytum ornatum Web.
Japanese name: Nan'nya
English Name: Monk's Hood
Native locality: Mexico
Ecological description: Evergreen perennial
RDB : ---
Planting place: Plant of South and Central America Greenhouse
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