Isolatocereus dumortieri

The genus, Isolatocereus, contains only one species, Isolatocereus dumortieri.   It grows up to five to fifteen meters in height and about fifteen centimeters in diameter.   It has five to eight ribs where the areoles line.   It has one to four central spines and six to nine radial spines which become darker with age.

The flower is large and white whose petal has a pink stripe at the end portion.   The areole for flower has spines as well.   The flower blooms at a few meters in height, opens from night to early morning and wilts until 10 o'clock in the morning.

Classification: Cactaceae Isolatocereus
Scientific name: Isolatocereus dumortieri (Scheidw.) Backeb.
Japanese name: Hekito
English Name: ---
Native locality: Mexico
Ecological description: ---
RDB : ---
Planting place: South and Central America Greenhouse
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