Blue Jacaranda
Jacaranda is the genus name of the trees which belongs to the family Bignoniaceae.   Jacaranda is endemic to South and Central America and these areas contain about 50 species.
Jacaranda mimosifolia is the most popular but J. obtusifolia and J. cuspidifolia are cultivated in Japan.   When the term, Jacaranda, is used, it usually refers to Blue Jacaranda (J. mimosifolia).
Blue Jacaranda is a deciduous tall tree which can grow 15m in height.   In the tropical regions, the blossom blooms at the end of the dry season and the new leaf appears after flowering.   The blooms are gorgeous; each contains 50 to 90 blossoms and in the peak bloom period they bloom as if inflorescences cover the whole tree.
Blue Jacaranda is widely cultivated and is one of the three most famous flowering trees in the world.
Seven hundred Blue Jacarandas have been cultivated and form a forest in the Useful Plant Botanical Garden in Miyazaki Agricultural Research Institute.   Atami City has a plan to plant 60 Blue Jacarandas in 2012 and 2013 financial years in Omiya Green Space in front of Atami Sun Beach in Higashikaigan-cho.

 The three major flowering trees in the world
 Jacaranda (Shiunboku in Japanese)
 Flamboyant (Ho'oboku in Japanese)
    Classification: Caesalpiniaceae Delonix
    Scientific name: Delonix regia
    Native locality: Madagascar
    Ecological description: Deciduous tall tree
 Spathodea (Kaenboku in Japanese)
    Classification: Bignoniaceae Delonix
    Scientific name: Delonix regia
    Native locality: West Africa
    Ecological description: Evergreen tall tree
              This plant is on the list “100 of the World's Worst Invasive Alien Species” published by
                International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources.
Classification: Bignoniaceae Jacaranda
Scientific name: Jacaranda mimosifolia
Japanese name: Kiri-modoki
English Name: Blue Jacaranda
Native locality: South and Central America
Ecological description: Deciduous high tree
RDB : ---
Planting place: South and Central America Greenhouse
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jacaranda03 jacaranda04
In St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney, Australia