Peruvian apple cactus

Peruvian apple cactus is a large columnar cactus and grows 10 to 20cm in diameter and up to 10m in height.   The stem has five to nine ribs and is glaucous blue-tinged green.   The top of the rib is rounded.  The spine consists of four to seven radial spines and one to two longer central spines.

The flower is white and about 20cm in diameter and 15cm in length.   From July to September, the flower blooms in the night and withers in the morning.   However, it often lasts until early morning.

The fruit is red, oval and 10 to 12cm in length.   The flesh is white and edible as it is sweet and contains small black seeds.

Classification: Cactaceae Cereus
Scientific name: Cereus repandus (L.) Mill.   (Cereus peruvianus (L.) Mill.)
Japanese name: Kimenkaku
English Name: Peruvian apple cactus
Native locality: Brazil and Uruguay
Ecological description: Evergreen perennial
RDB : ---
Planting place: South and Central America Greenhouse
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kimenkaku03 kimenkaku04
Close-up photo of bloom picked by the botanical garden staff.