The genus name, Mammillaria, means having tubercles (lumps).

The stem is green and grows in cluster.   The central spine is needle-like, ivory, and its end is dark brown.   The radial spine is thin, thread-like and white.  Both the central and radial spines are hairy.

The flower is one to two centimeters in diameter and dull light yellow to dull yellow which has a reddish brown stripe on the petal.

Classification: Cactaceae Mammillaria
Scientific name: Mammillaria prolifera
Japanese name: Matsugasumi
English Name: ---
Native locality: ---
Ecological description: Evergreen perennial cactus
RDB : ---
Planting place: South and Central America Greenhouse
matsugasumi01 matsugasumi02
matsugasumi03 matsugasumi04
matsugasumi05 matsugasumi06