Rurimaru is a barrel cactus belonging to the genus Ferocactus which has well-developed ribs and large and strong spines.

Ferocactus is columnar in a young stock.   However, it forms ribs and becomes a barrel cactus by growing.   It normally grows solitarily but rarely clumps.

Rurimaru produces several flowers on the stem apex which are yellow and glossy like a silk.   It has many stamens and its filaments are red and conspicuous.   The pistil project out from the stamens to split into several part and its tips are red-tinged.   The calyx tube is covered with green scales which is light green in its end.   The nail-like end changes into sepals by becoming dark reddish-brown as it approaches the end part of the calyx tube and changes farther into petals.

Classification: Cactaceae Ferocactus
Scientific name: Ferocactus alamosanus (Britton & Rose) Britton & Rose
Japanese name: Rurimaru
English Name: ---
Native locality: Southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico
Ecological description: ---
RDB : ---
Planting place: South and Central America Greenhouse
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