Ryuryochu is a columnar cactus which branches out by creeping on the ground.   It becomes up to about 10cm in diameter with age.   The stocks in the Higashiyama Botanical Garden have 11 ribs where the areoles line regularly with trenches, resembling cacti belonging to the genus Mammillaria.   Each areole has one central spine, rarely two spines and five to eight radial spines.

The flower is white, resembles a Queen of the Night (Epiphyllum oxypetalum) and is up to about 17cm in diameter and 20cm in length when it becomes large.   The flower is night-flowering and blooms for one day; it blooms at night and already wilts the next morning.   The splendid flower often keeps its impressive visual when visiting the first thing in the morning and if it clouds or rains the following morning.

(The orange flowers in background are Mexican flame vine (Senecio confusus).

Classification: Cactaceae Echinopsis (Trichocereus)
Scientific name: Echinopsis thelegona (Synonym: Trichocereus thelegonus)
Japanese name: Ryuryochu
English Name: ---
Native locality: Northwester Argentina
Ecological description: ---
RDB : ---
Planting place: South and Central America Greenhouse
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