Senecio confuses

Senecio confuses is a woody climbing plant and spreads infinitely when it is left alone and is not taken care of. In the Higashiyama Botanical Garden, Senecio confuses is planted in the part of the central garden in South and Central America Greenhouse and ornamented there with many vibrant orange flowers.   However, in 2012, it expanded its stems to climb up the neighboring columnar cacti and to tangle the flames of the greenhouse and the flowers currently bloomed near the ceiling.

Senecio confuses has alternate leaves which are arrow-shaped and serrated.

The flower as a capitulum, meaning head inflorescence, consists of male ligulate flowers and bisexual tubular flowers.   The flower is three to four centimeters in diameter, is brilliant orange at the beginning and becomes pure red later.

Classification: Asteraceae Senecio
Scientific name: Senecio confuses
Japanese name: Mekishiko-sawagikyo
English Name: ---
Native locality: Mexico
Ecological description: Evergreen climbing perennial
RDB : ---
Planting place: South and Central America Greenhouse
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