Sobralia leucoxantha

The epithet leucoxantha consists of two Greek words, "leucos", meaning brilliant white and "xanthos", meaning yellow or orange.

The stalk is rod-like, can grow to about one meter in length and has bamboo-like, long and thin alternate leaves.   A solitary white flower, which is more than ten centimeters in diameter, blooms at the tip of each stem.   This flower is short-lived and blooms for only one day.

The photos from No. 1 to No.5 are Sobralia leucoxantha planted in the ground and the ones from No.6 to No.8 are Sobralia leucoxantha planted in a flower pot.   Those are indicated as the same species name but there are some little differences such as a flower color.

Classification: Orchidaceae Sobralia
Scientific name: Sobralia leucoxantha Rchb.f.
Japanese name: ---
English Name: ---
Native locality: Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia
Ecological description: Evergreen perennial
RDB : ---
Planting place: South and Central America Greenhouse
sobralia-leucoxantha01 sobralia-leucoxantha02
sobralia-leucoxantha03 sobralia-leucoxantha04
sobralia-leucoxantha06 sobralia-leucoxantha07