Donkey's tail
Donkey's tail is sometimes called Burro's Tail.  The stem creeps or trails down to grow more than 1 m in length.  The stem branches off only at the base and is thickly covered with succulent leaves which are a curved spindle-shape.  The leaf is 2.5 cm in length and white-powdery green.  The leaf easily falls off.
This plant can be propagated using cuttings.  The leaf can be used for cuttings, but the growth is slow in this way.
There is a similar relative, Sedum burrito.  In contrast to the Donkey's tail, the leaf of the Sedum burrito has a round tip and does not easily fall off.
Many succulents can be propagated by using a leaf as a cutting.  Unusually, a leaf cutting produces a root system or a child when it is just put on the dry soil.  The root system or child grows from the cut end of the leaf.  The base of the stem should be upwards to avoid the child being buried in the soil.
Classification: Crassulaceae Sedum
Scientific name: Sedum morganianum
Japanese name: Tamatsuduri
English Name: Donkey's tail
Native locality: From the southern part of Mexco to Honduras
Ecological description: ---
RDB : ---
Planting place: Plant of South and Central America Greenhouse
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