Hay-scented orchid
Hay-scented orchid is an epiphyte* which grows in highland of the altitude of 700 to 2300m in Philippines and Borneo.
The spindle-shaped pseudobulb** expands one long oblanceolate leaf.   From Winter to Spring, it extends a long flower stem from its tip and forms a raceme***.   The raceme extends in the shape of an arc where small flowers bloom in two rows.   The flower releases a sweet fragrance.

*   A plant which attaches to another plant to grow, but it is not parasitic.
**  A swelling at the base of a stem where epiphytic orchids store nutrients and water.
*** A simple inflorescence of pediceled flowers which blooms upon a common more or less elongated axis.   If the flower is non-pediceled, it is called a spike.
Classification Orchidaceae Dendrochilum
Scientific name Dendrochilum glumaceum Lindl.
Japanese name ---
English name Hay-scented orchid
Native locality ---
Ecological description Evergreen perennial
RDB ---
Planting place Orchid Corner
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dendrochilum-glumaceum03 dendrochilum-glumaceum04