Moon Orchid (Phalaenopsis amabilis)
Moon Orchid There are 47 species of the wild Moth Orchid which belongs to the genus Phalaenopsis.  Moon Orchid is one of its most representative species.  Moth Orchids used for congratulations and condolences are often a hybrid with the Moon Orchid as the mother species.
It is thought that this plant originated in the Philippines, and it is distributed from the Philippines to New Guinea and northern parts of Australia.  It mainly grows on trunks in rain forests which are below 800 m in altitude and is mainly found in open forests rather than dense forests.
The flower stalk can be 1 m in length.  Many flowers bloom on it to release a light refreshing scent.  The flower is formed with 3 petals (2 lateral petals and one lip), 3 sepals (one dorsal sepal and 2 lateral sepals) and one column where stamen and pistil are fused.  The lip is a honey guide and has a distinctive shape and conspicuous pattern to characterise its species.  The column is 1 cm in length and the pollen at its tip is covered with an anther cap but its clear orange colour is transparent.
All plants belonging to the Orchidaceae are regulated under the Washington Convention.
Classification Orchidaceae Phalaenopsis
Scientific name Phalaenopsis amabilis
Japanese name ---
English name ---
Native locality Philippine
Ecological description Evergreen perennial
RDB ---
Planting place Orchid Corner
phalaenopsis-amabilis01 phalaenopsis-amabilis02