Its name comes from Mt. Ari in Taiwan where it grows.  Ari mountains is the general term for 15 mountains in Kagi Prefecture in Taiwan which contain Mt. Daito (2663 m in height) as the highest peak and forms Arisan Semi-national Park.
It is distributed to southern China, Vietnam, and Taiwan.  It grows in tropical rainforests and broadleaf forests.  It grows 30 to 50 cm in height.  It expands its stem and produces raceme from April to June, and bears light blue berries from July to September.
Classification Liliaceae Peliosanthes
Scientific name Peliosanthes arisanensis
Japanese name Arisan-himebaran
English name ---
Native locality Taiwan
Ecological description Evergreen perennial
RDB ---
Planting place Central Palm Greenhouse
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arisan-himebaran03 arisan-himebaran04