Calliandra emarginata (Powder Puff)
This plant grows 1 to 2 m in height.  It has a red flower, which looks like a powder puff.  It is an aggregate flower of small flowers which have long red stamens.  To take this characteristic, the genus name, Calliandra was taken from the Greece words, kallos (beautiful) and andros (stamen). It blooms for the whole year, but its number of blooms is sometimes a few or sometimes a lot.
A flower of Albizzia julibrissin, which resembles the flower of Calliandra emarginata, contains a few flowers whose corolla tube and stamens are longer, and only which produce nectar, but the flower of Calliandra emarginata is an aggregate of the same flower.
The bean is a legume.
Its leaf is an alternating pinnate compound.   The shape of the leaf is characteristic and suggestive of a crab's claw.
Classification Fabaceae Calliandra
Scientific name Calliandra emarginata
Japanese name To
English name Powder Puff
Native locality South and Central America (Mexico to Honduras)
Ecological description Evergreen perennial
RDB ---
Planting place The entrance of Central Palm Garden
calliandra-emarginata01 calliandra-emarginata02
calliandra-emarginata03 calliandra-emarginata04