Kedah Gardenia
This plant is a relative of Common Gardenia and can grow 4 to 5m in height.   It has glossy deep green leaves which grow in bunches and are evergreen.
The flower first bloomed in June 2011 in Higashiyama Botanical Garden, and then the plant label was fixed.
The flower has a very long slender flower tube which is light green and projects from the calyx tube.   Wind mill-like petals open on the flower tube.  The flower is about 12cm in diameter.   Right after opening, the colour is white, it soon turns yellow, and is yellowish orange for 2 - 3 days, and lastly the flower falls off.   In the night the flower releases a very good fragrance like Common Gardenia, and it decreases as the colour deepens.
Classification Rubiaceae Gardenia
Scientific name Gardenia carinata Wall.
Japanese name ---
English name Kedah Gardenia
Native locality Malaysia and Indonesia
Ecological description Evergreen tree
RDB ---
Planting place Central Palm Greenhouse
gardenia-carinata01 gardenia-carinata02
gardenia-carinata03 gardenia-carinata04