This plant often grows on the Coral Reef limestone or on the cliff area.  The stem branches off well, and creeps on the ground to reach 1 m in length.  It has the short and long branches.  The short stem has the fascicled leaves, and the long stem has the alternate leaves.  It is thought that the long stem has a thorn at its axil and tip, but this species on the photographs has no thorn.  The flower is about 5 mm in diameter and its stem is short.  One flower blooms at the axil of the long branch, and the several flowers blooms in cluster at the axil of the short stem.  The fruit is a capsule and ripen to red.  It become 6 mm in length and flatly obovate.  This plant mutates widely, so the stock which has good appearance is fruiting, and bear many heart-shaped fruits is chosen to develop a cultivar, Hari-tsurumasaki 'heart tree', in the market in Tokoname.
This plant is very popular as a Bonsai, its number decrees quickly owing to picking for horticulture, and the environment ministry list it as a near threatened species.
Classification Celastraceae Maytenus
Scientific name Maytenus diversifolia
Japanese name Haritsuru-masaki
English name ---
Native locality Taiwan, Southern China, Philippines
Ecological description Semi-creeping evergreen shrub
RDB Near Threatened
Planting place Central Palm Greenhouse
haritsuru-masaki01 haritsuru-masaki02
haritsuru-masaki03 haritsuru-masaki04