Ruscus hypoglossum
This plant distributes from West Europe to Iran.
The flower of this plant looks to bloom on the leaf, but it is a stem called phylloclade which the stem is flattened like a leaf and performs photosynthesis.
On the other hand, Helwingia japonica belonging to the Cornaceae Family which has a similar structure but is different from this plant and is epiphylly.  Namely the primordium of leaf and flower do not proceed the differentiation to connect the main vein and the leaf stem, and its inflorescence blooms on its leaf.
Classification Liliaceae Ruscus
Scientific name Ruscus hypoglossum
Japanese name ---
English name ---
Native locality Mexico, Jamaica
Ecological description ---
RDB ---
Planting place Central Palm Greenhouse
r-hypoglossum01 r-hypoglossum02
r-hypoglossum03 r-hypoglossum04