Peach-colored trumpet flower
As its name suggests, this flower has a cylindrical trumpet shape and grows 20 cm in diameter.  It is whitish on the first day, but it turns yellowish the next day.  It has a dark purple line on the middle of its petals and a light purple doublet on the connate part of petals.  Goldencup whose flower resembles this flower is the color of Turmeric pigment (Curcumin) and has a central dark purple line, but does not have a doublet.
The vine climbing in the air expands an aerial root system which can be respiratory root.
This plant is famous for its pollination by hummingbirds.
Classification Solanaceae Solandra
Scientific name Solandra grandiflora
Japanese name Rappa-bana
English name Peach-colored trumpet flower
Native locality Mexico, Jamaica
Ecological description Evergreen creeping shrub
RDB ---
Planting place Central Palm Greenhouse
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rappa-bana03 rappa-bana04
rappa-bana05 rappa-bana06