Yellow camellia
This plant is very novel and characterized with a yellow flower, whose petals are thick and which maintains its shape better.  It grows wildly only in the limited area of Guangxi in southern China, and it is thought that it was found 1965.  At the time of its discovery, it became a topic of conversation as a phantom yellow camellia.
While people imagine that the flower color of camellia is normally red, the advent of yellow camellia is sensational and make people demand to create a Japanese one.  However, the development of this yellow is concerned with aluminum, and it is very difficult to develop it with Camellia japonica which is low aluminum content.  It is a little challenging to understand however I will describe about the yellow of foreign camellia.
Commonly the condition from neutrality to weakly acidity is suitable as a growing environment for plants.  Aluminum universally exists in soil, and when the pH of soil becomes below 5.0, it drastically ionize to increase the aluminum concentration becomes a large factor of growth inhibition of plants.  0.1 to 30 ppm of aluminum appears toxicity against plants, but Aluminum-Tolerant Plants resist against it.  Furthermore, among Aluminum-Tolerant plants, many plants belonging to Symplocaceae, Theaceae, Hydrangeaceae, Diapensiaceae, Ericaceae, and Melastomataceae families accumulate aluminum in their bodies.  Symplocos myrtacea which is famous for an Aluminum-Accumulating plant contains high concentration of aluminum, and the ash from it was used as the mordant dyeing.  The reason is Aluminum forms a chelate with a dyestuff to turn a brilliant color.
The main color of Yellow camellia is flavonoid, Qercetin-7-glucoside, but it is slightly yellow and is not enough to develop such a concentrated yellow color.  On the other hand, Yellow camellia is also an Aluminum-Accumulating plant, and aluminum ion forms chelate with qercetin-7-glucoside in its flower to develop a brilliant concentrated yellow color.
Classification Theaceae Camellia
Scientific name Camellia chrysantha
Japanese name Kinka-cha
English name Yellow camellia
Native locality Guangxi in southern China to Vietnam
Ecological description Evergreen shrub
RDB ---
Planting place Saguaro Greenhouse
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