Aloe albiflora
This plant is a small aloe which has no stem.  The leaves extend 12 cm in length, are narrow, and have white spots.  The flower stem extends 20 to 30 cm in length and forms a raceme at its tip.  It has numerous white flower which is rare in the genus Aloe.  The corolla is bell-shaped and has a greenish brown line on each petal.
It is listed on Appendix i of the Washington Convention as a species that is endangered due to international trade, and it is banned from harvest.  Almost all species belonging to the genus Aloe, except A. vera and it's relatives are listed on Appendix i or ii.  Plants listed on Appendix ii are not endangered now but are likely to be in the future if no regulations are put in place.
Classification Liliaceae Aloe
Scientific name Aloe albiflora
Japanese name Yukijo'o
English name ---
Native locality Madagascar
Ecological description Evergreen perennial
RDB ---
Planting place Succulent Plant Greenhouse
A_albiflora01 A_albiflora02