Desert rose
This plant is a caudiciform plant where elongate climbing branches rise from the green caudex.
Only Desert Roses grown from seedlings form a caudex.   When it is propagated by vegetative propagation such as cuttings or layerings, the stem become thick and soft-looking but the base of the stem never swells to form a caudex.
This plant is distributed in Kenya, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe in East Africa.   It grows on dry land and can be about 2 meters in height, and even 5 m in its native habitat.
This plant has many short branches.  The leaf is about 10 cm in length, alternate and grows near the tip of the stem.   Two to ten flowers bloom sequentially at the tip of the stem.
The same as many plants belonging to Apocynaceae, the sap from the plant belonging to the genus Adenium contains alkaloids and therefore is poisonous.
A cardiciform refers to a plant having a caudex, which is the basic part of the stem that is swollen to store water.
Classification Apocynaceae Adenium
Scientific name Adenium obesum
Japanese name ---
English name Desert rose
Native locality the Tropical Africa
Ecological description Perennial succulent
RDB ---
Planting place Succulent Greenhouse
Adenium obesum01 Adenium obesum02