Boophane disticha
Boophane disticha is a bulbous plant which is widely distributed from South Africa to tropical Africa.
The bulb can grow 15 cm in diameter, is thickly covered with dried scales, and shows aboveground.   The flower stalk extends directly from the bulb to form a spherical or semi-spherical inflorescence.   The flower colour can be from pink to red and releases a sweet scent.   The flower stem extends further to produce seeds which expand like a star mine.   The leaves are dead during flowering.
Thin, long leaves with wavy edges overlap one another and stand up like a fan. These can grow 50 cm in height.
Boophone disticha contains many alkaloids; at least 8 alkaloids such as buphanidrine and buphanamine are found in the bulb.   These have an affinity to serotonin transporter sites.   Therefore, Boophone disticha is traditionally used for many medical uses in South Africa.   For example, Bushmen (or San) who are mainly distributed in the Kalahari Desert, southern part of Africa use this plant as a traditional medication as an anti-inflammatory analgesic and a minor tranquiliser.   They also used this poison for their arrows.  Crinine, distichamine and buphanisine are also found in the bulb.
Classification Amaryllidaceae Boophane
Scientific name Boophane disticha (Syn. Boophane longipedicellata)
Japanese name ---
English name ---
Native locality ---
Ecological description ---
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Planting place Succulent Plant Greenhouse
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