Fairy Crassula
Fairy Crassula can grow quickly to around 30cm in height and covers the ground.  The leaves are formed in opposite pair.  If it is planted in a lighter place, the leaf colour is light green.  If it is planted in a darker place, the leaf colour is dark green.  It has hydathodes (water secreting pores) but also absorbs water quickly.
This plant extends a long flower stem which many small flowers bloom from.  This flower resembles the flower of the Dollar Plant (Crassula ovata) with 5 petals but the flower of the Fairy Plant has 4 petals.
This plant can propagate by a seed.  The seed should be cropped right after the inflorescence turns brown.  It can also propagate by cutting with the stem or the leaf.
This plant is distributed with the garden name, Isobenomatsu or Naruto in Japan.
Classification Crassulaceae Crassula
Scientific name Crassula multicava
Japanese name Isobeno-matsu, Naruto
English name ---
Native locality South Africa
Ecological description Perennial succulent
RDB ---
Planting place Succulent Plant Greenhouse
crassula-multicava01 crassula-multicava02
crassula-multicava03 crassula-multicava04