Pincushion euphorbia

Pincushion euphorbia has many branches which branch out from the base of the plant.   It can grow between 30 and 100cm in height.   The stem grows to about 3cm in diameter and is said to usually have 6 to 7 ribs.   Occasionally it has 8 ribs, but this stock has 9 ribs.   The stem has many spines and forms a cyathium where very small yellow flowers bloom.   This plant is dioecious.   The spine is a sterile peduncle (flower stem) which is red at first, then turns to blackish-purple and finally grey.

As with all other plants belonging to the genus Euphorbia, when this plant is damaged, it exudes a thick milky sap which is known as latex.   This latex is poisonous and irritates the skin especially mucous membranes such as the eye or the mouth.

Pincushion euphorbia can be propagated by cutting and seeding.

Classification Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia
Scientific name Euphorbia enopla Boiss.
Japanese name Kosaikaku
English name Pincushion euphorbia
Native locality South Africa
Ecological description Perennial succulent
RDB ---
Planting place Succulent Greenhouse
Euphorbia enopla01 Euphorbia enopla02
Euphorbia enopla03 Euphorbia enopla04
Euphorbia enopla05 Euphorbia enopla06
Euphorbia enopla07