Jade plant

Jade plant is a succulent.   It grows up to three meters in height and its stem becomes thick with age.   Therefore, its large stock sometimes looks like a tree.

The leaf is succulent, glossy and its margin area can turn reddish colour.   It is rounded, spatula-like and three to four centimeters in length.   In cold conditions, the leaf becomes reddish purple.   This plant has many cultivars and their leaves are varied.

The Jade Plant is propagated by cutting.   It has a strong vitality and a leaf can be used for cutting.

Classification Crassulaceae Crassula
Scientific name Crassula ovata
Japanese name Fuchibeni-benkei (Kanenonaru-ki)
English name Jade plant, Friendship tree, Lucky plant, Money tree or Dollar plant
Native locality South Africa
Ecological description Succulent
RDB ---
Planting place Succulent Plant Greenhouse
kanenonaru-ki01 kanenonaru-ki02 spacer450h
kanenonaru-ki03 kanenonaru-ki04