Indian Spurgetree
When this plant becomes old, it can be several meters in height with a thick woodened trunk and green branches which bend upwards to look like a tree.   The stem has 5 ridges where the marks from the detached leaves and pairs of black sharp spines line up.   When the stem becomes old, it still has the rims and pairs of spines but the stem becomes round and woody.   The leaf attaches at the tip of the stem.  The pair of spines attaches under the base of the leaf stem.
This plant forms unique inflorescence, cyathium where one female flower which has only one pistil and a few male flowers which have only a few stamens bloom.   The yellowish green flower bracts which have a nectar gland hem the inflorescence and it looks like one flower.
When this plant is cut, it secretes milky sap which contains diterpene derivatives, phorbol esters and ingenol esters.   These can cause skin irritation.   These esters widely show physiological activity such as a strong cancer promotion, an antileukemic action, an anti-HIV activity, etc.
Classification Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia
Scientific name Euphorbia neriifolia
Japanese name Kirinkaku
English name Indian Spurgetree
Native locality India
Ecological description Evergreen perennial
RDB ---
Planting place Succulent Plant Greenhouse
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