Lavender Scallops
Lavender Scallops is widely distributed as a garden plant.
It likes open dry ground.  It makes lots of branches and can grow to 25 - 30cm in height.   Lavender Scallops have many aerial roots from the lower part of the stem.   The decumbent stem does not have flowers and when it reaches a ground, roots grow from it and it propagates.   The upright stem produces flower stems which develop bell-shaped flowers.   The light pink parts of the flower are sepals and the orange parts are petals.
The leaf is thick and succulent and as the leaf develops the margines become dark red.   At the beginning, the leaf is oblanceolate and acute, and develops serrations which have 2 - 8 round teeth as it grows.
This plant has high fertility and either a stem or a leaf can be used for cuttings.   When a large leaf is put on soil, a child stock is produced from the clefts of the leaf.   The stock which is cut off for cuttings buds when it is left.
Classification Crassulaceae Kalanchoe
Scientific name Kalanchoe fedtschenko
Japanese name Kochonomai (a garden name)
English name Lavender Scallops
Native locality Madagascar
Ecological description Evergreen perennial
RDB ---
Planting place Succulent Plant Greenhouse
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kocho-no-mai03 kocho-no-mai04
kocho-no-mai05 kocho-no-mai06
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