Cardinal's Guard
This plant can grow 100 to 150 cm in height, and forms a spike of 15 cm in length at the tip of the stem.  The bract regularly line up on top of one another in the spike to form a spindle shape and many red flowers project out and bloom among them.  The flower has labiate corolla and its lower lip deeply splits into 3.  Unlike P. lutea the red flowers are more conspicuous than the bracts.
Its scientific name captures the characteristics of this flower.  The genus name comes from the Greek words Pachys + Stachys (meaning thick and spike) and its epithet, coccinea means crimson.
Classification Acanthaceae Pachystachys
Scientific name Pachystachys coccinea
Japanese name Beni-sangobana
English name Cardinal's Guard
Native locality Guyana
Ecological description Evergreen shrub
RDB ---
Planting place Sun Gallery
beni-sangobana01 beni-sangobana02
beni-sangobana03 beni-sangobana04