Chenille Plant
This plant can grow 2 to 5 m in height and is dioecious.  The female plant weeps 20 to 50 cm of red cord-like inflorescence from the axil.  It has no petals due to degeneration.
The most well known plants within the genus Acalypha are Chenille Plant (A. hispida) and Red Cat's Tail (A. reptans) due to their inflorescence.  The Red Cat's Tail has shorter inflorescence.  This plant is not arboreous but herbaceous, its stems creep, and its florescence tends to stand up.
Classification Euphorbiaceae Acalypha
Scientific name Acalypha hispida
Japanese name Benihimo-no-ki
English name Chenille Plant
Native locality India, the West Indies, Malaysia
Ecological description Evergreen shrub
RDB ---
Planting place Sun Gallery
benihimo-noki01 benihimo-noki
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