Hi Duong
This plant is a subtropical stock seed whose flower is double and medium-flowered.  However the exhibited plant had the notation of cv. (cultivar).  This plant is one strain of Kinkacha (Camellia chrysantha) and prefers acidic soil (pH4.5〜6.0).  The flower is deep pink and has a white marginal variegation.  The flower has 13 to 15 petals, and blooms facing downwards.  The petals are fleshy, and have a wax-like texture.  The leaf is large and long, and expands around its stem.
In Vietnam, they plant this in temples to appreciate because the flower opens during the New Year season.  This flower is also used to celebrate the lunar New Year (Tet).  It is called Hi Duong in Vietnamese.
Classification Theaceae Camellia
Scientific name Camellia amplexicaulis cv.
Japanese name Kaido-tsubaki
English name ---
Native locality Northern China to Vietnam and Laos
Ecological description Evergreen shrub
RDB ---
Planting place Sun Gallery
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