Bush allamanda
This plant is a tropical climbing shrub and is non-hardy.  The bloom is dark yellow and trumpet-shaped.  It apparently has no stamens and pistil.  However, deep inside the trumpet-shaped flower, there is something like a membrane which has a dark spot in the center though it is blurred.  Actually it is white hairs which grow densely at the pinched neck of the flower and hides the stamens and pistil behind.  From the view point of diversity of the individual, it is thought that this structure is a disadvantage.
The feeling of the fruit is pretty different from its charming flowers.  The fruit has many spines and looks like a porcupine fish.
Classification Apocynaceae Allamanda
Scientific name Allamanda neriifolia
Japanese name Hime-ariakekazura
English name Bush allamanda
Native locality Brazil
Ecological description Evergreen shrub
RDB ---
Planting place Sun Gallery
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