Ixora chinensis
Ixora contains many species and is widely distributed in Tropical regions such as Asia and Africa.  Ixora chinensis which grows wild in China and I. coccinea which grows wild in India and Sri Lanka are typical.  Both can grow 1 m in height.
Many flowers gather at the tip of the branch to bloom semi-spherically.  The flower is four-petaled, has a thin floral tube, and is orangish red from its bud stage.  The petal, which splits into 4, widely opens until becoming flattened.  The round tip of the petals characterizes I. chinensis.
Classification Rubiaceae Ixora
Scientific name Ixora chinensis
Japanese name Santanka
English name ---
Native locality Southern China to Malaysia
Ecological description Evergreen shrub
RDB ---
Planting place Sun Gallery
ixora-coccinea01 ixora-coccinea02