Flame Vine
The leaf consists of 2 to 3 leaflets and the terminal leaflet becomes a tendril.   The tendril branches into 3.   The vine entwines other plants by the tendlirous leaf to extend and becomes more than 10m in length.
The bright orange flower blooms at the axil and the tip of the short branch and is 7 to 8cm in length.   The corolla splits into 5, bends backwards and marginal areas are hairy.   The two thecae are v-shaped and the stigma is flat and open like two petals.
Classification Bignoniaceae Pyrostegia
Scientific name Pyrostegia venusta
Japanese name Kaen-kazura
English name Flame Vine
Native locality Brazil to Paraguay
Ecological description Evergreen climbing shrub
RDB ---
Planting place Sun Gallery
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